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Small World, Live Earth

Small World, Live Earth Photo

Photo by maral

Posted on July 6, 2007 in Travel News

As travelers (and Disney veterans), we know it’s a small, small world. It’ll feel even smaller on July 7, when eight Live Earth concerts unfold around the globe to raise awareness of the planet’s climate crisis.

If you live anywhere near New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, or Hamburg, you’re in luck. And if you live somewhere else, well, you’re still in luck: the concerts will be broadcast on TV, the radio, and the Internet. So join the global community, led by performers including The Police, Madonna, and Kanye West, in enjoying the music and absorbing the message. The spectacular cities serving as backdrops are perfect reminders of why conservation should matter to travelers.

If you can’t make it to these locales in person, a few other events are marking the 7/7/07 date and celebrating the great outdoors in more offbeat ways. There are Georgia’s Redneck Games in the US, the Ninth World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling Championships in the UK, and the high-elevation (and high dread-inducing) Zermatt Marathon in Switzerland. It’s the perfect weekend for a little fun and reflection in all corners of the world.

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