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River City Roots Fest: Big Fun in Big Sky Country

Posted on August 24, 2010 in Trip Ideas

Missoula’s population and pride swell each year when the River City Roots Fest comes to town, so consider some big fun under big skies next weekend: the free two-day event is a perfect last-minute getaway for music lovers, art hounds, and families alike.

This Saturday and Sunday will see the festival in full swing as it seeks to live up to last year’s success, when Roots Fest was the 2009 Montana Tourism Event of the Year. Between watching performances on the main stage, sneak over to the food vendors on hand (Big Sky Brewing Company is a sponsor) or head to one of the nearly 100 restaurants and pubs open downtown.

Can’t make it this weekend? Consider next year--or consider that Missoula rocks (albeit on a smaller scale) every week during the summer at its riverside Out To Lunch performing-arts festival. According to Rmundo, the event is “a great opportunity for travelers to get an inside glimpse of summertime in Missoula” as they “make a stop at Missoula’s unique carousel” and “watch kayakers at the city’s whitewater park.”

In other words, any time is a good time to take in the arts of this outdoorsy town.

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