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Traveler of the Week Tours a Castle of Movie Fame

Traveler of the Week Tours a Castle of Movie Fame Photo

Photo by Denise Scotland

Posted on July 23, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

Denise Scotland is quick to point out that it’s her friend who’s the “Harry Potter geek,” but it seems this Traveler of the Week found equal pleasure in the duo’s trip to Alnwick Castle, a real-life film stand-in for fictional Hogwarts. And with Alnwick’s fairy-tale design, multiple interior museums, and garden of poisonous plants that would drive any Defense Against the Dark Arts student wild, who wouldn’t enjoy a visit?

Join Ms. Scotland as she explores the courtyard that played Hogwarts’ quidditch field and takes a guided tour of an enchanting garden that is “as far from the typical boring, stuffy, stately home” garden as you can get. (You may even recognize the blooms from a host of other films and TV programs.) And as an antidote to all the poisonous hemlock, ricin, and opium poppies you’ll read about, peruse Denise Scotland’s new review of Newcastle’s Life Science Centre--the perfect ending to the traveling mom’s lively trio of new Newcastle-area reviews.

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Comment by MilwVon on July 25, 2010

Wonderful feature. I love the castles of the UK!

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