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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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Traveler of the Week Zip-Lines and Zooms in the DR

Traveler of the Week Zip-Lines and Zooms in the DR Photo

Photo by upt0wn112

Posted on July 16, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

We know that half the fun of traveling is getting lost, but we have some directions for anyone going to the Caribbean: Before you even think about heading down to the Dominican Republic, journey over to upt0wn112’s trip journal from her recent DR Adventure. With helpful tips (for example, don't plan every detail before arriving); handy life lessons (money is surprisingly waterproof); and an incredible number of ideas for activities (zip lines, dune buggies, waterfalls, and more), this collection of reviews is chock-full of things to know before you go to the DR.

One takeaway? Our Traveler of the Week proves that you can stay in all-inclusive splendor and experience life off the resort. While out and about around Puerto Plata, her finds include great snorkeling, a place to have fun in the mud, and a local restaurant that puts New York’s best chefs to shame.

In our opinion, the highlight is her trip to the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. As upt0wn112 and her boyfriend decide to forgo a package tour and travel to the falls on their own, she thinks, "The entrance fee is extremely cheap, $460 Dominican pesos or about US$13. This includes life jacket, helmet, and a trained guide. So all you have to do is get there, right? Right!"

Those are, of course, the famous last words of every traveler about to find herself in a pickle. Our upt0wn112 ends up with a great experience, though, and yet more words to the wise: get to the trails early and trek to all 27 falls.

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