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Traveler of the Week Photographs the Middle East

Traveler of the Week Photographs the Middle East Photo

Photo by TravelerJeff

Posted on July 9, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

Here’s a travel feat: We went on a magical tour of the Middle East this week with nary a vacation day used. Our secrets? TravelerJeff and his trusty camera. We saw Doha at dawn and Byblos in the midday sun; we ventured to the world's tallest building in Dubai and the world's lowest land at the Dead Sea near Amman. Even the staples--Petra, camels, a dish of fattoush--are beautifully photographed and worthy of every ooh and ahh they received.

If we could enjoy TravelerJeff’s dusty deserts and swimming-pool mirages as the mercury rose past 100 degrees outside our office, we’re pretty sure you’ll find an escape in them too. Here are a few of our favorites--but don’t miss the rest of this Traveler of the Week’s gallery for a virtual trip to many more Middle East highlights.

Lady of Harissa looking over Beirut

One of Doha's inspirational words

Petra, Jordan

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Comment by airynfaerie on July 9, 2010

The Middle East has always been a place on my list of future trips. These photos are great!

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