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Around the World in Soccer Photos

Around the World in Soccer Photos Photo

Photo by Mondo_traveler

Posted on June 11, 2010 in Photos

From the hallowed pitch of Maracana to the streets of, well, just about anywhere, soccer is a universal language (one that’s been leaned on by many a traveler). Watching the first matches of the World Cup inspired us to find your best photos of soccer stadiums, fans, and players (elephants implausibly included) from around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by Mondo_traveler
“You have not lived soccer until you’ve seen a game at Maracanã Stadium,” says Mondo_traveler. The venue will host the 2014 World Cup (after some renovations); expect fans to participate in this “giant shirt display” with “amazing speed.”

Venice, Italy

Photo by Invicta73
The photographer calls this “a typical scene of everyday Italian life that abounds in the quieter but still picturesque parts of Venice.”

Nava, Mexico

Photo by melissabowman
On her trip to Mexico, kids were “always playing soccer,” says melissabowman.

Salvador, Brazil

Photo by onesundaymorning
“If there is one thing that you do while in Brazil,” onesundaymorning commands, see a soccer game. She also says, “I hate watching sports, but after watching a soccer game in Brazil I actively watched the World Cup.”

Sur, Oman

Photo by Overlander
“Football--soccer--has taken over Oman just as it has virtually every country on the planet,” says Overlander, who photographed these youngsters watching a match.

Hamburg, Germany

Photo by GreenGummiBear
A Hamburger SV match gets underway at HSH Nordbank Arena.

Quito, Ecuador

Photo by Shady Ady
Shady Ady says that seeing the action at Casa Blanca, home to LDU de Quito, is “a definite must for any lover of football...if only to see the activities that fans and players alike get up to.”

Barcelona, Spain

Photo by paolo1899
Barcelona football players celebrate their La Liga victory of 2005.

Barcelona, Spain

Photo by paolo1899
And Barcelona fans celebrate their La Liga victory of 2005--all night long.

Mae Rim, Thailand

Photo by Ishtar
“He was quite the football player,” Ishtar says of this Mae Ping Elephant Camp star.


Comment by MilwVon on June 13, 2010

Love it!

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