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For Shakespeare's Party, Reviews on All His Houses

For Shakespeare's Party, Reviews on All His Houses Photo

Photo by Essexgirl09

Posted on April 20, 2010 in Trip Ideas

When we saw Essexgirl09’s comprehensive collection of Stratford-Upon-Avon Shakespeare sites a few weeks ago, we thought of it as an early birthday present. An early birthday present by proxy, anyway: William Shakespeare’s big day is this weekend, and celebrations--think parties, parades, and lots of cake--roll into Stratford.

Our celebration will be just as sweet; we’re marking the occasion by digging into Essexgirl09’s journal, Shakespeare’s Stratford, as well as other reviews from IgoUgo members who have visited Mary Arden’s; Shakespeare’s Birthplace; Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; Hall’s Croft; and Nash’s House.

A big thanks to Essexgirl09, who is quickly becoming IgoUgo’s bard of England, for gifting us a fitting way to toast the other bard’s birthday.

Comment by ukdestination on May 18, 2010

stratford is a fantastic place, somewehere that you can really feel the history around you, one of my favourite places in the uk

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Comment by Toinette on June 4, 2010

I heard it thru A grapevine that Shakespeare was the pen name of one FLORIO -
Could Shakespeare really have had Italian human elements...Wonder if any artists ever painted his portrait, would you know?

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