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National Park Week: Five Parks to Visit in Spring

National Park Week: Five Parks to Visit in Spring Photo

Photo by ducksunset

Posted on April 15, 2010 in Trip Ideas

Celebrate Earth Day and National Park Week (free admission April 17-25!) with a visit to one of these five national parks that hit their peak in springtime.

Zion National Park

Photo by Wasatch
“The spring of 2010 is shaping up to be unusually wet in the desert Southwest,” says Wasatch. “This shows promise of a chance to see one of America’s most impressive natural wonders: waterfalls in Zion Canyon. The last time this happened was in 2005.” And every May, “hanging gardens of wildflowers” line canyon walls, says Amy Travels.

Saguaro National Park

Photo by BurliBear
“Summers can be extremely hot,” warns Gwilym Owen, but spring brings mild weather to Saguaro, plus blooming cacti and local Tohono O'odham harvest traditions.

Badlands National Park

Photo by amillionmilestogo
“Hiking here is a must,” says creekland, and temperatures are most pleasant in spring. Plus, as figgy0223 discovered, spring brings “amazing sunsets” to this part of South Dakota.

Denali National Park

Photo by J. Stephen
Denali roars back to life when roads open in March, and animals follow in May as things turn green. Days are long in May, too: “I remember waking up at 3am, looking out the window of our room, and seeing daylight,” says ducksunset.

Hot Springs National Park

Photo by JoeM
IgoUgo Hall of Famer callen60 knows his national parks, and he found that this Arkansas gem offers “especially pretty” views “on a clear spring day.” Temperatures are still mild, and if you need to warm up, well, there are those famous spas to explore.

Want more information on even more parks? Social butterflies and hermits, IgoUgo also has your Tips for America’s Most Visited National Parks and the Best of America’s Least Visited National Parks.


Comment by MilwVon on April 17, 2010

Ah Denali won't be quite hitting its peak "in springtime" as the park's road is only open to mile 30 until mid May, and is subject to closure due to snow still. To really enjoy Denali, visitors need to plan for a trip later when the shuttle bus system is fully operational:

May 20 to TOK (mile 53)
June 1 to Elelson (mile 86)
June 8 to Wonder Lake (mile 96)

While a beautiful view anywhere in the park, and there's a possibility for wildlife any time, if you're traveling any great distance to experience Denali, make it later in the spring/summer.

With that being said, take a look at this nice trip report from one of my online travel pals from Trip Advisor, who was just there last weekend: .


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