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Tales from a Tour of Libya's Greek and Roman Ruins

Tales from a Tour of Libya's Greek and Roman Ruins Photo

Photo by koshkha

Posted on April 8, 2010 in Trip Ideas

If you like exploring ancient ruins, have an interest in UNESCO World Heritage sites, are attracted to photogenic destinations, and enjoy places that require no special inoculations or precautions, you may want to consider a Libyan vacation. After reading koshkha’s fantastic rundown of her week in Libya, we’re convinced we’d like to go--assuming the visas would go through.

Among other revelations about the mysterious destination, koshkha shares why Libya’s tourism slogan may be the world’s worst; why the country feels like neither Africa nor the Middle East; and why she had an “urge to instantly sell [her] home and all [her] belongings and set up a dive center on the Libyan coast.”

Of course, as you might expect, traveling in Libya has its share of quirks. At one point koshkha waits eight hours for a plane--with no explanation--and at another point, she notices that all of the otherwise anatomically correct statues around her are missing something.

Yes, we think this journal will inspire you to consider a trip to Libya--koshkha promises that even if you’re “OCD about foreign loos,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, join us as we eagerly await another journal installment; the name of the first one is, after all, Libyan Memories – part one.

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