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A Foodie Shares His Finds from Madagascar

A Foodie Shares His Finds from Madagascar Photo

Photo by Slug

Posted on December 21, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Leave it to Slug, one of IgoUgo’s most steadfast foodies (with one of IgoUgo’s most unappetizing member handles), to take a dining tour of Madagascar. Also leave it to him to prove that “you can do a Sunday night Antsirabe pub crawl!” Which also proves that here at IgoUgo, we’re still learning new things every day.

In the spirit of spreading the knowledge, here are five things we learned from Slug’s journal, Lingering in Antsirabe, Madagascar:

1. Antsirabe, while not the capital of Madagascar (that would be Tana), “is a fairly large place of around a quarter of a million” people.

2. An Antsirabe rickshaw is referred to by the French term pousse-pousse.

3. The crumbling Hotel des Thermes is the town’s most famous hotel, and at one time its most grand.

4. Antsirabe is famous for its population of artisans; you can buy everything from tin-can toy cars to spoons fashioned from zebu (local humped cattle) horns.

5. Zebu are rather multifunctional, as they also come as kebabs in restaurants.

After that quick A to Z from Slug, we’re certainly looking forward to more tales from his three weeks in Madagascar!

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