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Kick Back in Kabak with a Stay at the Olive Garden

Kick Back in Kabak with a Stay at the Olive Garden Photo

Photo by Owen Lipsett

Posted on December 9, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Last we heard from Owen Lipsett, 2006 had just begun and he was writing about what he thought might be the most beautiful building in Europe: Spain’s Mezquita of Cordoba. We’re happy to report that the history buff has returned to writing with tales from a less celebrated--but equally superlative--place: Kabak, Turkey.

His journal title, Kabak – Get There Before The Developers Do, says a lot about the beach-and-mountain town. So does his assessment of his base, the Olive Garden cabins and restaurant: “Cynics don’t tend to visit Kabak and those that do don’t tend to return as such. Certainly not those who visit the Olive Garden! I could not recommend it more highly nor miss it more.”

The rest of his account of this tiny Mediterranean village is equally intriguing, and hikers, beach bums, and historians alike will want to add it to their Lycian Way itineraries. Owen warns, though, that he planned to stay one night and stayed five; fellow guests planned to stay for lunch and stayed a week. Yet another visitor intended to spend one day and checked in for a month. Feeling cynical? You know Owen’s theory about the Olive Garden and cynicism--but it can’t hurt to test it yourself.

Join us in welcoming back longtime member Owen Lipsett, and in thanking him for this Turkey vacation secret, plus new tips for Cappadocia and Kas.

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