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Orlando for Grown-Ups: More Fun Than You Think

Orlando for Grown-Ups: More Fun Than You Think Photo

Photo by Meggysmum

Posted on October 14, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Travelers over the age of 12 fall into two camps when it comes to Disney World and other Orlando theme parks: they love them or they hate them. If you’re a Disney downer, a quick look at the recent trips of two IgoUgo members just may change your mind. Orlando for grown-ups, it turns out, is a lot more fun--and a lot quirkier--than you think.

The first traveler changing our tune is Meggysmum over in the UK--if she’s managed four trips to Orlando from England, surely there are big draws. We particularly love her "Discover Hidden Mickeys" story; you have to admit that her photo of a (strangely locked-up) chopped-veggie Mickey is pretty funny. Those Disney Imagineers and cast members have a sense of humor!

We also recommend reading her review of Epcot’s World Showcase, because the traveling mum reminds us why Epcot is perhaps the world's best place to circle the globe in one day. She even dispenses advice on keeping your composure in Epcot crowds: “You will be so exhausted you will not have the energy to run anyway!” What a great attitude.

Troobabiee7 is the other IgoUgo member raving about Orlando’s adult pleasures this week, in three journals full of entertainment and eating options at Universal Studios. Her top-rated day out? Emeril’s Tchoup Chop restaurant for what she says is the best vegetarian food ever, followed by a Blue Man Group performance featuring "loud, hard, and fast" music.

Follow in the footsteps of Meggysmum or Troobabiee7 in Orlando and, with or without kids in tow, we think you’ll like this town.

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