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Balloons Over Luxor: New Views of Ancient Egypt

Balloons Over Luxor: New Views of Ancient Egypt Photo

Photo by garymarsh6

Posted on September 28, 2009 in Photos

Englishman garymarsh6 is a self-proclaimed “big kid” who “shakes with excitement before going on holiday.” So what better plaything for the youthful traveler than a gigantic, colorful balloon? He hopped in one for a bird’s-eye view of Luxor, and the shutterbug took loads of photos as he floated above sights like the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Nile River. Here are some favorites, with garymarsh6’s descriptions, but you may want to view them in full-size mode to really feel like you were there. And be sure to see his other Middle East photos while you’re at it!

Balloons rising in the early morning skies over the West Bank of the Nile

Balloon rising over the temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Passing over villages and fields in a hot-air balloon

One of the villages built over tombs

Balloons over the West Bank

Above a temple

Balloons over Luxor

High above a sleepy village

Collapsing balloon

Deflating the balloon

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