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Salt & Pamper: UK Flower Girl's Weekend on Malta

Salt & Pamper: UK Flower Girl's Weekend on Malta Photo

Photo by UK Flower Girl

Posted on September 17, 2009 in Trip Ideas

We’re officially on cloud nine this week: UK Flower Girl is another IgoUgo member coming up on her nine-year anniversary with us, and she’s back to writing after a three-year hiatus. The upbeat adventurer, now with toddler in tow, is still finding new places to visit around Europe. First up? A weekend in Malta.

Join UK Flower Girl as she seeks wellness at a “blissful” spa and a local pharmacy (where she receives a very bizarre gift), and as she and her family set sail for the nearby island of Gozo. There, they explore the features of the rocky west coast--a Jacques Cousteau favorite--and the salt pans of the north.

“This name, salt pans, seemed such a bland name for the magnificent sight before our eyes,” writes UK Flower Girl. “With all of the history and architecture and everything else on these islands, the salt pans were my favorite.”

After nine years of advice from this seasoned traveler, we take her at her word, though her sharp photos also portray the salt pans as a Maltese must-see--and clearly show why UK Flower Girl is gaga for Gozo.

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