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Dine with stvchin: Alaska’s Ultimate Comfort Foods

Dine with stvchin: Alaska’s Ultimate Comfort Foods Photo

Photo by stvchin

Posted on September 2, 2009 in Trip Ideas

After three years and 16 journals, we’ve come to associate stvchin with excellent California dining reviews. Turns out, the SoCal foodie was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and he’s following his sandwich passion back to his hometown. This time, there’s reindeer.

In his new journal, Homecoming, stvchin shares where to find “nostalgic Alaskan dining” and tells us what to order. His group’s feast of dense sourdough rolls, beer-battered Alaskan cod, Alaskan seafood chowder with fluffy bread-and-cheese topping, “state fair” reindeer sub, and half-slab of baby-back ribs sounds absolutely delicious.

When the former resident isn’t filling up on favorite foods, he embraces the tourist role--but it’s clear he still has the grit of a local. For one thing, he sits on the open-air deck of a glacier cruise despite freezing temperatures and says the excursion is “worth every penny in any weather.” (His photos corroborate.) He adds, “After we docked, I looked around at the different people on the boat and realized that despite the biting cold and heavy, vomit-inducing turbulence in the Gulf of Alaska, it showed on everybody’s face that the glacier cruise was well worth the visit.”

Likewise, this journal is well worth a read!

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