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SeenThat's Top Five Bangkok Markets

SeenThat's Top Five Bangkok Markets Photo

Photo by SeenThat

Posted on August 28, 2009 in Trip Ideas

IgoUgo Bard of Bangkok SeenThat is writing about his signature city this summer, and one of the highlights is a journal devoted to the Thai capital’s markets. It has a great hook: “Is that Rolex real? What are they doing with these tiny garlands? How do I eat a soup on a boat? On these and other important issues.”

Here, a few words of wisdom from SeenThat on the five favorite markets he details in On a Real Timex and a Genuine Rolex:

Banglamphu Market: “More than any other market in town, this market can be defined as chaotic. Serendipity is the best approach under the conditions. The only thing the traveler can be sure of is that surprises await.”

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: “Don’t run away with the soup. The idea is to get the soup from the boat, eat it on a table nearby, and then return the dishes to the owner as soon as possible.”

Suan Lum Night Bazaar: "It is time to break an old mythos. Most visitors approach Patpong as their ‘night market visit’ while in Bangkok. Yet Patpong is small, crowded, and located in an unpleasant area amidst a plethora of go-go bars. Not far from there--at walking distance--is a much larger, pleasant, and attractive market: Suan Lum.”

Patpong Night Market: “Patpong has the worst reputation in Bangkok for fake merchandise. A good way of spotting the fakes--and all of them are fakes--is looking at the logos.”

Pak Khlong Talaat: “Unlike all the other markets reviewed in this journal, this one is aimed for Bangkok’s denizens since it specializes in wholesale flowers and other very specific items. Colorful and fragrant, the market is very enjoyable and offers views of the local culture that cannot be seen in other markets.”

With his focus on uncovering each market’s culture and high drama, SeenThat gives you every excuse you need to shop ‘til you drop in Bangkok.

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