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Colorado Springs Shangri-La Found by koolbargan

Colorado Springs Shangri-La Found by koolbargan Photo

Photo by koolbargan

Posted on July 29, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Denver couple koolbargan doesn’t seem to mind that after all their traveling, Shangri-la turned out to be just an hour from home. We have a feeling they may take a break from their first-timer journal series to become second- and third-timers at the Broadmoor (excuse us, “the Broadmoor”) and its Colorado Springs nirvana.

In their rave review of the resort, they explain that they consider a perfect getaway one where they “have not only peace and quiet but also have it in comfort and style,” and that the (the) Broadmoor delivered “all of that and more.”

They go on to compliment the “grand and luxurious” tradition felt everywhere from the resort’s suites, cottages, and bath products to its restaurants, golf courses, and movie theater. And while visiting, they ventured out to the Marigold Café & Bakery, which they call “a definite 5-star food destination.”

For a stay at Shangri-la and a memorable meal, too, the first-timers recommend adding Colorado Springs to your luxury list.

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