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Dancing in the Streets, mh75 Takes on Phnom Penh

Dancing in the Streets, mh75 Takes on Phnom Penh Photo

Photo by mh75

Posted on June 15, 2009 in Trip Ideas

We don’t think we’ve ever heard mh75 sound as incredulous as he does when he describes the “ballet” of “motorized mayhem” that is Phnom Pehn traffic. Still, he managed to jump on a tuc-tuc; tour; shop; and even, we assume, cross a few streets.

"It is a wonder that there are not accidents on every corner, but I never saw one,” he writes in his review Dancing in the Streets or Motorized Mayhem. What did he see? The “classy” Almond Hotel; plenty of shopping opportunities; and the highlight, the Foreign Correspondents Club, where “sitting over the quay and watching the Cambodian sampams cruise up and down the river while sipping an Angkor beer was truly an experience.” An experience and a welcome intermission to the parade of "millions of mopeds, motorcycles, and tuc-tucs" outside.

The FCC is just one reason mh75 says that "Phnom Penh will surprise you with her hospitality." For more, check out his full journal, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The Gem of Indochina.

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