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A Guide to Budapest's Cafe Culture from sararevell

A Guide to Budapest's Cafe Culture from sararevell Photo

Photo by sararevell

Posted on June 7, 2009 in Trip Ideas

We say this in the best possible way: when sararevell writes a new journal, you know exactly what you’re getting. You get an informative, eloquent, and humorous look at a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. This time, behold Budapest!

Our favorite Londoner-turned-Seattleite warmed to Budapest’s kavehaz kultura in the bitter cold of January and is now sharing reviews for two hotels, five attractions, and 12 restaurants, along with a general overview and 70 photos.

High in steaming drinks and rich in decadent desserts, the entire journal is a wonderful read, but here are a few humorous highlights to whet your appetite.

On Memento Park: “The journey was an interesting one and I had expected it to be. If you go to the park website, you’re presented with no less than five options of getting there. My favourite suggestion was the ‘on foot’ option: ‘a 20- to 30-minute walk from Kamaraerd through the woods.’ I’m assuming that there’s only one footpath through the woods as that’s the only direction you get.”

On Matthias Church: “Matthias Church, or Matyas Templom, is, I’m guessing, a beautiful beacon sat atop Buda Hill. I say ‘guessing’ because at the time of my visit, the exterior was largely hidden behind a curtain of scaffold.”

On Central Market Hall: “I was personally impressed by the sausage displays at the meat counters, arranged to look like an epic intestinal jungle.”

On Ruszwurm Cukraszda: “If doctors prescribed confectionary for ailments, Ruszwurm would be the number one pharmacy in Budapest. Dispensing row after row of sumptuous cakes, the glass cases in this coffeehouse would tempt the strictest of dieters.”

And on adventures in traveling: “Another highlight, which is an odd one I admit, is that I was constantly impressed by the cleanliness of the toilets. It started at Budapest’s Ferihegy Airport but as I began to explore the city, I realized that most cafes, restaurants and bars also pride themselves in providing clean and sometimes attractive toilet facilities. I don’t know if this is linked to the Turkish bathhouse heritage, but it’s not an observation that can usually be made in any country.”

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