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Summer Travel: No Place Like Someone Else's Place

Summer Travel: No Place Like Someone Else's Place Photo

Photo by NiceGinna

Posted on May 26, 2009 in Travel Tips

If you live in Western Europe or the Western US, take note: your home is your ticket to summer travel. In IgoUgo’s recent home-exchange poll, travelers said they would like to try a swap, and most of their top picks for places to visit lie in those regions.

While 89% of you said you’ve never participated in a home exchange, 72% said you would consider it this year. The top reasons? Saving money (43%), better experiencing a destination (34%), enjoying more amenities than a hotel offers (25%), traveling to a destination you couldn’t otherwise afford (24%), and having access to more off-the-beaten-path destinations (23%).

IgoUgo travelers have exchanged their homes for all these reasons and more. Diana2315 found an exchange home the perfect way to experience village life in Austria; digsvillelady went her “usual route” of swapping homes to attend the Montreal International Jazz Festival as a local; and NiceGinna, a home-exchange pro, particularly liked swapping for a place in San Francisco so she could visit her daughter without taking over her daughter's home.

So most of you are open to the idea, but where did you say you want to go? Here are the top destinations where homes are wanted (California, pack your bags!):

United States Picks
New York
Montana, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington (tie)
Texas, South Carolina, and Massachusetts (tie)

International Picks
Greece and Germany (tie)

Have you exchanged your home? Thinking about trying a swap this summer? Log in or register to discuss home exchanges on the IgoUgo Forums.

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