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MattF Flies Over Albuquerque and San Francisco Bay

MattF Flies Over Albuquerque and San Francisco Bay Photo

Photo by MattF

Posted on May 13, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Active traveler MattF never just sets out on foot to explore new destinations: he kayaks, swims, or commandeers a jeep for backcountry excursions. So it’s no surprise that when he and his wife visited Albuquerque and San Francisco, the only time they spent sitting down was on bicycles and in hot-air balloons.

During a New Mexico getaway, the couple celebrated their anniversary with a thrilling balloon ride, though MattF’s favorite moments occurred just before and just after he was airborne. Pre-flight prep impressed him with “all the colorful balloons, the noise, the excitement, and the new morning sun;” the windy landing “was not as bad as you might think…and the adrenaline kick was a lot of fun.” They also explored, and highly recommend, “wondrous” Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

San Francisco brought more fun times as the Southern Californians got to know their northern neighbor inside and out (or, more accurately, up and down). A highlight is when MattF cajoles his wife into biking across the Golden Gate Bridge: “On our long weekend in San Francisco my wife and I (really just me) thought it would be great to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Sounds innocuous enough, doesn't it?” After sweating it out on a long, hilly ride marred by “frightening” traffic, his idea didn’t seem so easy. Still, the good sport says, “Overall, I will look back on this experience as a positive one and will remember the adventure.” He also notes, “I think that my wife will kill me if I ever suggest another bike adventure again!”

If he needs any reminding, he’s got one entertaining journal and 18 wonderful photos to revisit.

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