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Slow-Motion Vegas, Fast-Paced London for artslover

Slow-Motion Vegas, Fast-Paced London for artslover Photo

Photo by artslover

Posted on May 6, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Proving she can put a new spin on even the most familiar destinations, artslover recently enjoyed a “slow-motion vacation” in the fast lanes of Las Vegas. It’s a good thing she conserved some energy: her next stop was a quick quest to “stay awake” in London.

In Slow Motion Vacation in Las Vegas, artslover arrives with four nights, three octogenarian grandparents, two teenage daughters, and one husband. The group of seven enjoys three “signature suites,” three top restaurants, and three major attractions—though they don’t make it to the hotel’s appealing spa. (“If you read what little we did,” says artslover, “you'll wonder why we didn't have more time.")

Now fast-forward to A Day of Walking Off Jet Lag in London. With only one afternoon and one evening (and the one husband and two teenage daughters), artslover “passes the time” at one railway station, two restaurants, one bridge-crossing, two museums, and two major attractions. The sightseeing even includes a lift on the London Eye, where, on a bench in the middle, the acrophobe finds her fear of heights “manageable.”

We’re just impressed she managed to squeeze so much into one day in London, and equally impressed she managed to meet her family’s slower expectations of Sin City. Any bets on the pace at her next stop, Edinburgh? If past experience tells us anything, we know she’ll use her time wisely.

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