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Tahiti for Two: Where to Stay, What to Do

Tahiti for Two: Where to Stay, What to Do Photo

Photo by Two For the Road

Posted on April 23, 2009 in Trip Ideas

New member Two For the Road had us at hello, or, more accurately, at the mention of an over-the-water bungalow with a two-tier deck, water the temperature of a heated swimming pool, snorkeling gear, and room service via outrigger canoe. And that’s all before he sets off on his South Pacific cruise.

The traveler’s first two reviews are full of tips for getting to Tahiti (from Calgary, no less) and staying in Papeete, and his first photos take us on a technicolor journey through Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Huahine, and beyond. We’re suckers for sunsets, but this photographer’s flowers and underwater views give his red-sky shots a run for their money. Luckily, says Two For the Road, his wife’s “patience as I climb, balance, and wait for a memorable photo shot is remarkable!"

Join us in welcoming Two For the Road to IgoUgo, and in crossing our fingers for more stories about this exotic sailing.

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