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Romance and Ruins in Peru and Mexico

Romance and Ruins in Peru and Mexico Photo

Photo by nmagann

Posted on March 27, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Two longtime IgoUgo members return to writing with different takes on Peru, while a third expands his authoritative travel journal on the Maya ruins of Mexico.

We love nmagann’s catchy journal title, Sneak Peak Peru, though some of the incidents for which it could be named are less than pleasing. But despite being part of a group that experienced four thefts, the traveler praises Peru’s highlights and is full of tips and suggestions. Plus, we’re on the lookout for even more Peru reviews and photos from the writer, an IgoUgo favorite since 2000.

The only thefts happening around maral in Peru, meanwhile, are stolen kisses; she is absolutely enamored with Lima’s Parque del Amor, sharing a review for the first time in several years. She does manage, though, to keep her love story a bit more PG than the park’s famous statue.

With less romance and more ruins, less besos and more burials, Koentje3000 expands his journal The World Famous and the Little Known. He covers two of Mexico’s Maya cities in fascinating detail, this time focusing on the ancient attractions of Chichen Itza. He’s written recently of ruins in Guatemala as well, and we can’t wait for the next stop—we see even more history in Koentje3000’s future.

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