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Underrated Eastern Europe Charms dangaroo

Underrated Eastern Europe Charms dangaroo Photo

Photo by dangaroo

Posted on March 20, 2009 in Trip Ideas

With a giant portfolio of places visited and an encyclopedic collection of travel reviews and experiences, dangaroo’s areas of expertise are many. One thing that stands out, though, is his talent for picking overlooked destinations and offbeat attractions in Eastern Europe.

Here are five places that recently inspired recommendations, and his takes on each.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania: “Cluj is a nice town with some great architecture; palatial buildings such as the Central University Library, the New York Palace, and the Palace of Justice; a wonderful botanical gardens; and a good underground nightlife for many genres.”

Kotor, Montenegro: “In the corner of ‘the only fjord in Southern Europe’ (it's actually a submerged river canyon), Kotor certainly doesn't lack class. With a background of limestone cliffs, it's no wonder it was used in the last Bond film.”

Tartu, Estonia: “Tartu is Estonia's second-biggest town; with a population of around 100,000, it's hardly Tokyo though! What it is, is a very pleasant country town with nice buildings and a calm atmosphere.”

Sinaia, Romania: “Hidden away in the Southeastern Carpathians, a short distance away from the mountain resort Sinaia, lies a dramatic and in some ways over-the-top building, Peles Castle.”

Yailata, Bulgaria: “Yailata is an archeological reserve along the northern part of the Bulgarian coast. A field's walk or drive away from the village Kamen Bryag, this place is starting to become visited more often. This is a magical place, where people camp close by for free whilst others set up temporarily or even live permanently for the summer in the candle-lit caves.”

There is, of course, much more to dangaroo than destination picks; to be honest, getting lost amid his reviews is a bit of a trip in itself. The sometimes wacky traveler is particularly generous with reviews of airports, metal festivals, pizza parlors, campsites, Warsaw pubs, and anything involving his favorite city in the world, Vilnius. Candid, entertaining, and helpful, he’s a great resource if you’re thinking of heading to Eastern Europe—or most anywhere else, for that matter.

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