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Around the World with Bill Pfeffer: China Tales

Around the World with Bill Pfeffer: China Tales Photo

Photo by Bill Pfeffer

Posted on March 18, 2009 in Trip Ideas

If you haven’t yet heard about Bill Pfeffer’s around-the-world trip, you’re in for a treat. The traveler and his wife took a year to go from Indonesia to the US—no flying allowed—and now he’s sharing the overland trip in gripping installments.

His three latest are from China, beginning with the couple’s arrival in Guilin, where they realize, “China will be a challenging segment of our adventure but we’re ready for the unexpected pleasures along with the missteps and expect to get far with patience and a smiling attitude.” It’s this admirable perspective that keeps them—and us—laughing through the adventures and misadventures of Yangshuo and Guangzhou. A gifted storyteller, Bill Pfeffer injects his writing with humor—and with plenty of references to the songs of his favorite band, U2.

Don’t stop at these China tales, though; his observations from a transatlantic freighter, a trans-Mongolian train, and “everyone’s favorite town in Vietnam” are just as spectacular. We may already know where he started and where he ended up, but filling in the rest is going to make for some fantastic armchair travel.

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