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Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin with rufusni

Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin with rufusni Photo

Photo by rufusni

Posted on March 17, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Ex-Dubliner rufusni is anything but green when it comes to exploring Ireland’s capital. Except on St. Patrick’s Day, that is: last year she was a first-timer at the city’s famous parade. Her review, part of a recently expanded journal, describes it.

It’s not clear, however, which group is more festive: the one marching in the parade or the one watching it. On the route, dancers, flag-wavers, fire-breathers, and drummers perform energetically for two hours; on the sidelines, rufusni describes the “great buzz” of the crowd, not to mention a bystander who, “via signing, managed to get a date with a girl on the third floor of an office building opposite.” Either way, she calls the procession “definitely a fun time in Dublin” and “would recommend it to anyone.”

Of course, the reveler has recommendations for visitors during other times of the year. Her latest pick? Bewley’s cafe, a Dublin institution much loved on IgoUgo and a “regular stop” for rufusni. We hope the St. Patrick’s Day Parade becomes a regular stop, too—we’d love to hear about the 2009 festivities.

Comment by chachi 1 on March 17, 2010

I remember years and years ago watching the crowds hanging from the angels and up anything high to get the beast view. I remeber the people all singing out really loud when the Donnelys sausages float came into view it was.
The next time you visit the grocer, tell them no other sausages will do.
Theyre delicious for breakfast and supper, its Donnellys sausages for you.
Then there was another song , music of hail Glorious St Patrick it went likethis. Hail glorious St Patrick will you lend me ten bob
Me fathers not working and he hasnt got a job
The shoes that you lent me are now in the pawn.
Hail glorious saint Patrick look down in thy love.

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