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Postcard from Boston: The 1-Day Way

Postcard from Boston: The 1-Day Way Photo

Photo by awc825

Posted on May 17, 2007 in Trip Ideas

What would you do with a day back on your old turf? Facing this question in Boston, IgoUgo Editor Michelle Doucette decided to mix some old favorites with a sampling of new ones during 27 hours that made her question, if only for a moment, why she’d ever left—as all the best visits should. Here’s what made the cut.

With less than 2 days to spare, I had to get from New York City to Boston quickly, cheaply, and, preferably, safely. My new go-to transport will be the Fung Wah Bus, which took me from Manhattan’s Chinatown to Boston’s South Station comfortably in under 4 hours for $30 round-trip.

All the more time and money to spend on the T, which was perfect, since this subway system now costs $2 per trip. Even outbound service, which used to be free, requires a swipe of the new Charlie card. It was probably my imagination (or maybe just pure luck), but the trains did seem to be running more efficiently than in the days of 85-cent tokens.

In any case, the T got me to Faneuil Hall in record time for a late dinner at Brit-import wagamama, a noodle house that just opened its first stateside location there. Luckily, a second one is on its way to Harvard Square, because even at 9:30pm there was a 30-minute wait. Appetizers and noodle bowls were decent and the mood at the communal tables festive, though, so it was a good choice before hitting Boston’s pub scene.

Incidentally, the award for best stop of the night on that circuit goes to the Publick House on Beacon St. in Brookline, possibly my favorite place for beer in Boston outside of Fenway Park. The massive selection, medieval look, and laid-back vibe set it apart from the many (many, many) other contenders for best Boston pubs.

Even after completing this research, I managed to wake at a decent hour the next day to maximize time at Coolidge Corner, a neighborhood west of Boston’s city center whose shady streets are lined with restaurants, delis, shops, a classic movie house, a farmer’s market, and the John F. Kennedy birthplace. It’s worth the trip for a taste of quintessential New England, minus the tourists…and for a taste of the burritos at Anna's Taqueria on Harvard St.

This is best followed by a stop for the most amazing frozen yogurt on the planet at Angora Café (or the new Andalus Café, which consumed the former Angora II). Nothing beats watching the yogurt man open a jar of peanut butter and spoon gobs into the machine. There are 50 flavors and add-ins for about a million combinations, from healthy to decadent. Trust me, coffee-Junior Mint is just biding its time until it’s picked up for mass distribution. It was a satisfying end to a weekend that whet my appetite for more (of the soft-serve stuff and of Boston itself).

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