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Run, American91, Run Through Italy

Run, American91, Run Through Italy Photo

Photo by American91

Posted on February 23, 2009 in Trip Ideas

If you’ve ever dreamed of having Rome all to yourself (and, after one time doing the Sistine Chapel squeeze, who hasn’t?), take a look at American91’s secret for how to find yourself alone on the Spanish Steps.

In a word? Run. The seriously in-shape traveler describes sprinting around Italy: in Rome, in Venice, in jeans. Also at 5am, which is how American91 and a friend found themselves completely alone on the Spanish Steps, taking in the serene side of one of Europe’s most popular tourist spots.

The traveler calls running “undoubtedly the greatest experience I had on this trip,” saying, “we were able to see much more of the cities in a shorter time and were able to take in the scenery that makes Italy such a popular destination.”

The Glory of Italy contains more tips for visitors, with American91 reminding us that sometimes it’s fun to be a full-fledged tourist. We’re not sure that applies to the runner, though; the path may have been “touristy and well-traveled, remarkable and gorgeous,” but its curves were taken at a rather unconventional speed.

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