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Beautiful Bristol Takes barbara to New Heights

Beautiful Bristol Takes barbara to New Heights Photo

Photo by barbara

Posted on February 11, 2009 in Trip Ideas

IgoUgo’s belle of Bristol, barbara, returns to journaling with a collection of places to explore in her adopted English city. Get ready for an adventure: from balloons to boats to bridges, she leads an active itinerary.

Beautiful Bristol begins at Europe’s longest Georgian crescent and includes, among other stops, the SS Great Britain (barbara’s parents’ favorite sight) and the Clifton Suspension Bridge (barbara’s favorite landmark in Britain). The traveler also visits museums and churches galore, one of which may hold the key to an alternative way America got its name. Poor Amerigo Vespucci.

Our favorite leg of the Bristol adventure takes place high above even the suspension bridge, in a hot-air balloon barbara had been determined to ride since her first visit to England. She and her husband join a group to fly on a freezing day, but the weather doesn’t dampen their spirits. She explains both the practicalities (did you know there are seat belts on a balloon?) and the joys of ballooning and says, “We talked about how lovely the West Country of England truly of the most beautiful places on Earth.”

It’s this genuine fondness for her current hometown that makes barbara’s Bristol journal such a fun read. Thanks, barbara, for taking the rest of us along for the ride!

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