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Mugged by a Monkey & Other Himalayan Adventures

Mugged by a Monkey & Other Himalayan Adventures Photo

Photo by koshkha

Posted on January 28, 2009 in Trip Ideas

We knew koshkha was going to be fun the moment we saw her profile photo. And as expected, the new member (and stuffed-bear handler) has already written her fair share of lively reviews in three transportive journals about Bhutan and Shimla, India.

To be an armchair traveler on her adventures—In and Around Paro, Bhutan; In and Around Thimphu, Bhutan; and Shimla – the Queen of Hillstations—is to be entertained. When koshkha writes about Bhutan’s national dish (aka “scary concoction”) of chilies and cheese, for example, the truth teller says that it “uses chilies as a vegetable rather than a spice and will take your head off.”

But by far our favorite story is How I Got Mugged by a Monkey on a Mountain, from a hike to Shimla’s Jakhu Temple.

“As we approached, a big male saw my hands in my pockets and got excited at the thought that I might have food,” says koshkha. “The monkey was literally hanging off my hand as I swung round trying to dislodge him whilst hubby was doubled up laughing hysterically.”

The monkey made off with her map, but koshkha escaped unscathed, and the man at the tourist office gave her three more maps for “monkey food.” Plus, koshkha gets her revenge by posting the mean monkey’s photo for all the world to see, and under an incriminating headline, too.

Luckily, the engaging adventurer's travel journals are still expanding—and we can’t wait to see what she gets herself into next.

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