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Exploring Egypt: MichaelJM, NiceGinna, Liam & More

Exploring Egypt: MichaelJM, NiceGinna, Liam & More Photo


Posted on January 22, 2009 in Trip Ideas

Ancient Egypt had its boy king; we have our Travel Writer of the Year. And incidentally, the two recently met up (metaphorically speaking) along the Nile. Several other IgoUgo members are sharing great new stories from Egypt, too.

We love Travel Writer of the Year MichaelJM’s journal Cruising the Nile for a number of reasons. First of all, he includes a helpful experience review detailing what went into planning such an ambitious trip. Second, said planning begins with his “well-tested format to plan any joint venture: an evening at home enjoying a take-away and a glass or two of a fine Shiraz.” And, of course, there’s the fact that he pulls off his dream of cruising the Nile.

NiceGinna was in Egypt during the same timeframe, traveling by land and by sea. Her still-growing journal already features some great tips for planning, and the reason why she, typically an independent traveler, chose a guided tour for this trip. And we’re not sure if it’s the editor in us or the fact that we still find translations funny, but we like that she called out her hotel for naming its restaurant an apostrophe-challenged “The Palm’s.”

Two other recent Egypt explorers whose entries we wouldn’t miss are Liam Hetherington, who’s got four separate standout journals from his trip, and LAFRAGIA, who limits her reporting to one experience and one review but imparts quite a bit of advice (and cool photos like the one above).

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