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Thrifty in Florence: New Hotel Recommendations

Thrifty in Florence: New Hotel Recommendations Photo

Photo by pointofnoreturn

Posted on December 17, 2008 in Hotels

In August, Liam Hetherington lamented his choice of Florence hotels with a defensive, “You try getting a room for a reasonable price!” Since rarely do we see this adventurer agitated, it’s clear that finding affordable accommodation in Michelangelo’s hometown is no easy feat. Here are new recommendations from luckier, but equally thrifty, visitors.

Dany House
In manlalakbay’s brand-new, work-in-progress Florence journal, she counts Dany House as a trip highlight, describing the caretaker, Tomo, as a “warm and funny dude” and the free dinner as “so good that I went back for seconds.” She says that rooms could use some improvement, but that the beds are warm and comfortable—an excellent value for 14 euros a night, indeed.

Hotel Veneto
A slightly more upscale (but not so much more expensive) option is Tcg949’s B&B recommendation, Hotel Veneto. For about US$120, “the building felt very safe and secure and the housekeeping staff was quite friendly.” Perhaps more importantly, “the hotel is very centrally located to everything and is a great value” and “the Duomo is right down the street,” allowing Tcg949 to walk everywhere throughout his stay.

Of course, if neither recommendation appeals to you, suit—and sort—yourself, and find one that does!

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