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Enchantment Found in Pioneertown, CA

Posted on December 2, 2008 in Trip Ideas

A new member writing for the first time at IgoUgo—one from the Netherlands, no less—just introduced us to a curious town stateside that sits in the middle of the Mojave. Follow her lead for a charming “rustic bohemian cowboy” trip to remote California.

TheLastEnchantment writes about “relaxed, homey” Pioneertown Lodge and Stables in Pioneertown, California, a town built in 1946 as a set for Hollywood Westerns. The movie sets serve as real homes today, our traveler explains, with people living in set-piece houses with names like “General Mercantile” and “Red Dog Bar.”

Who would live in these houses, you ask? (Well, that’s what we asked, anyway.) Their kitsch appeal might outweigh their curb appeal, but they’re less than an hour north of Palm Springs and only 30 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park. And the best reason, TheLastEnchantment says, is that “as you sit [outside] at night, watching the desert sky, you feel you’re part of this town already. Life has a pace of its own here—friendly, and very, very slow.” If that’s not enough to convince you, there’s always the local saloon.

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