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IgoUgo Goes to Washington

IgoUgo Goes to Washington Photo

Photo by azsunluvr

Posted on November 4, 2008 in Trip Ideas

This Election Day, every American has suggestions for things our new president should do when he gets to the White House. And every IgoUgo member, it seems, has ideas about what the rest of us must do in Washington. It was a close race, but here are six favorite D.C. activities.

Washington Monument
Traveling Jen says: “The size of the monument is what hits just seems to hover over everything else in the area. It really is indescribable how magnificent it is to see the monument’s reflection in the reflecting matter how many photos or how many movies you have seen it in, it doesn't prepare you. Then, of course, the views from the monument of the entire city: un-freaking-believable! Well worth the aggravation of getting up at the crack of dawn to ensure that you get your hot little hands on a ticket.”

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
grannola says: “We went here because the 4-year-old studied rocket ships last year at pre-school. OK, I'm lying, we went so I could see the Enterprise from Star Trek. There had been a Star Trek display a few years ago, but it is gone now. The Enterprise, though, is hiding in the basement of the gift shop. Knowing where it was allowed us to enjoy looking around the rest of the museum. We got there less than a month after Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet, but the Smithsonian had already started fixing things to reflect that. There was a really neat ‘In Memoriam’ sign that explained what had happened.”

Lincoln Memorial
McCoyWSP says: “How do you describe this in a few words? Overwhelming. It was a hot morning and after the walk to this, I was a little cranky, but when you walk in and see the statue of Lincoln that you have seen so many times in pictures, well, it's hard not to be moved. Standing in front of the monument and looking back at the Washington Monument was very moving. If it wasn't so darn hot, I could have spent an hour just standing there. But I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone that this is a must-see for everyone.”

National Gallery of Art
Taylor Shelby says: “On a last-minute whim, only 2 hours before we were going to leave for the airport, I decided that I wanted to see the National Gallery of Art. It was my intention just to breeze in for a bit and then go to the museum shop to pick up some gifts. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I am not an art lover. That’s why I only thought I needed a small bit of time. I WAS SO WRONG! Next time I go to D.C., I will devote an entire day to this museum. It is massive and beautiful and I was completely captivated.”

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
mh75 says: “I highly suggest seeing the Vietnam War Memorial. To me it seemed so much more personal than any of the other war memorials. Perhaps this was due to the amount of people that were stopped at the site taking it in, or maybe it was the individual names, but it is a very powerful memorial despite the simplicity of its construction.”

International Spy Museum
aozyck says: “When we were told that we should plan to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours in this museum, I was surprised because I had a hard time believing there could be that much to see and do in such a place. But after 2 and 1/2 hours, we found that we could have easily spent another hour or two. Upon entering the museum, each person assumes a secret identity and is subsequently tested to see if they can maintain their cover. It's a really neat introduction to the concept of spying. It really was fascinating—well worth the money and the time.”

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