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Glacier's Always Grander in Greenland

Glacier's Always Grander in Greenland Photo

Photo by MikeInTown

Posted on October 13, 2008 in Trip Ideas

IgoUgo knows islands. Caribbean classics and Pacific gems? Been there. But how much do we collectively know about the world’s largest isle? Well, thanks to a few hearty travelers with hankerings for the offbeat, we’re learning more about why we should go to Greenland. And if we head there soon, we’ll hit high season for the Aurora Borealis.

Since devouring the three journals from MikeInTown’s July Greenland trip—a “dream that became reality” for the seasoned traveler—we've revisited some other IgoUgo members’ tips for the extreme destination and ogled every stunning, ice-framed photo uploaded. Here are the top five suggested activities that made us fall in love with the idea of a fall or winter trip to the North of North.

Hike to Sermermuit
MikeInTown says: “There are three versions of this hike (2-hour, 4-hour, and 5-hour), all of which are well-marked and can be done on your own. However, we decided to pay for the 2-hour guided tour. Our guide served coffee and tea as we stood on the rocks at Suicide Gorge admiring the gleaming white icebergs in the ice fjord. The still, blue water mirrored the sky and icebergs perfectly. It was such a postcard moment.”

Boat Ride from Ilulissat to Eqi Glacier
Madlobster says: “This is a must, must tour. Head out from Ilulissat in a small fishing boat to the face of the Eqi Glacier. This glacier provides enough ice daily to satisfy New York's water needs! Melting a bit now, you had better get there within the next 10,000 years to see it in its peak. It remains one of the world's most dramatic spectacles. A must-see.”

Greenland National Museum and Archives in Nuuk
MikeInTown says: “The most famous exhibit in the Greenland National Museum is the Qilakitsoq Mummies. These are the remains of Inuit women and a child who died in Northern Greenland in the 15th century. Because of the cold climate and other factors, their bodies, clothing, and other belongings remained fairly well intact. The mummies were featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.”

Winter Sports in Sisimiut
Knabe14 says: “Sisimiut has excellent countryside: high mountains towering up from sea level, fjords, and local glaciers. Lots of fishing and whale-watching. Wintertime opens up for more fun on snow scooter or dog sled. Don't worry—no polar bears in this area! Also, no mosquitoes in the winter!"

Ice Cap Excursion from Kangerlussuaq
MikeInTown says: “Just outside Kangerlussuaq are grand tundra and the world’s largest ice cap outside of Antarctica. It was approximately a 20-mile ride on a bumpy dirt road from Kangerlussuaq to Greenland's massive ice cap. The ride took us through beautiful wilderness with green tundra, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. We were let out at the end of the dirt road where we had to walk over a ridge to get to the ice cap. It was an incredible experience to walk on the ice cap. I felt so microscopic as I gazed out over the horizon and saw nothing but ice.”

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