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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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Weird-but-True Travel Ideas

Weird-but-True Travel Ideas Photo

Photo by captain oddsocks

Posted on July 17, 2008 in Trip Ideas

Some of the best IgoUgo reviews are the ones that make us laugh out loud at their off-the-wall oddity. The world has a surprising amount of wacky things to see—and a surprising number of travelers willing to go out of their way to find them.

Reuters recently featured IgoUgo in a story about our members’ favorite weird attractions. We hope you’ll take a look at the recommendations, the sweetest of which is perhaps a pick from captain oddsocks: the annual Great Whipped Cream Battle in Olomouc, Czech Republic (seen above). It’s the kind of travel fluff we like.

Here are more ideas for weird-but-true trips that could have made the list:

24 Hour Church of Elvis, Portland, Oregon
Re Carroll says: “Be warned: You MUST have a warped or unusual sense of humor since this place is like nothing you've probably seen or will see again. There is no rhyme nor reason to it; rather, it's a bizarre mix of toys, memorabilia, etc. from the '60s right up to today. As we progressed from the clutter-filled back room to the larger and more clutter-filled main room, Elvis walked in; or should I say, Elvis in disguise? He sat down near an unfinished jigsaw puzzle for a few minutes, then got his gold lamé cape and took off for parts unknown.”

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, Hokitika, New Zealand
UK Flower Girl says: “Hokitika’s annual Wildfoods Festival has made a reputation for itself. This festival celebrates native foods, plants, and animals. You will find stalls selling stir-fried possum, smoked eel wontons, huhu grubs, venison tongue, fish eyes, cicada and pistachio ice cream, and local wines and beers. Attendance is capped at 17,000, so if you dare, get yourself a ticket.”

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California
camera-gal says: “The trademark of the Madonna Inn is that everything is pink. Well, not everything, but just about anything that normally seems inconspicuous is painted a bright day-glow pink. This just adds to the wackiness of the whole place. The Madonna Inn is by far one of the strangest stops we made on our Western US trip.”

Bizarre Bath, Bath, England
JuneSmiles says: “This is the hysterical tour of Bath rather than a historical one! At one point, the whole group hopped across the road! Sounds weird now but it is hilarious when you are there—I promise you. Also, our guide had a policy of raising his left hand and saying 'Strangers' if someone (who hadn't paid) started tagging along—and we had to do the same thing.”

Baltimore Tattoo Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
Idler says: “The Baltimore Tattoo Museum isn’t, strictly speaking, merely a museum. A large sign near the door reads, THINK! It’s permanent! A zoning restriction prohibits tattoo parlors in Fells Point; conveniently, this is a museum that just happens to do tattooing and body piercing, thus sidestepping the zoning restriction. The Baltimore Tattoo Museum is free. All it will cost is a faint itching sensation on whatever area of your body you’d secretly like to have tattooed.”

Hairy Coos, Isle of Skye, Scotland
bri says: “Not nearly as common as sheep, ‘hairy coos’ are the shaggy, long-haired cows you see all over the Highlands. If you do any hiking around, you’re bound to run into one or two. They’re actually quite bizarre-looking up close—they look like some kind of Hollywood animals made up for a science-fiction movie. Sort of Wookie-ish.”

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