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10 Favorite Barbecue Joints in the US

10 Favorite Barbecue Joints in the US Photo

Photo by Saphira

Posted on July 1, 2008 in Trip Ideas

In honor of grill season, here’s a list that’s a little dry and a little saucy: 10 barbecue joints favored by IgoUgo travelers. That Austin has dueling spots on the list (and many more contenders on IgoUgo) may not be surprising, but that Providence BBQ stacks up might be. Let these picks guide you to an off-the-rack restaurant you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

1. Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue, Jefferson, TX
ducksunset says: “Riverport Barbecue in downtown Jefferson has the BEST barbecue I've ever eaten, and I've eaten at over 100 barbecue places in my life, having grown up in the South.”

2. Dinosaur BBQ, New York, NY
sdgates24 says: “Located two blocks north of the world-famous Cotton Club in West Harlem, Dinosaur BBQ is the best BBQ I have ever had anywhere in the world. I first found Dinosaur in 1991, when I was in college at Syracuse (which is home to the original), and things haven't been the same since.”

3. Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, Austin, TX
Ben the Grate says: “Seating is ‘family-style’ at long rows of tables, with rolls of paper towels as napkins. Large bottles of Rudy's world-famous spicy barbecue sauce are all over the place, along with their ‘sissy sauce’ for those with more delicate palates. Fun place to eat. Lots of character, great convenience, and best of all...AMAZING barbecue.”

4. Rendezvous, Memphis, TN
DrewD says: “This is a tourist trap and Southern cliché, but alas, it's THE best barbecue in Memphis and, therefore, on planet Earth. The dry-rub ribs are absolutely to die for, and they have an onion-ring loaf and cold beer. It is what I would order for my last meal. The barbequed pig is a magical animal, and Rendezvous is its home.”

5. Sooey’s BBQ & Rib Shack, Outer Banks, NC
Saphira says: “It doesn't look like much from the outside, but I still dream about the sandwich I ate here. We had delicious pulled-pork sandwiches. Nothing fancy: just tender, juicy meat with special spices on a bun. They had great-looking ribs and barbecue must eat here!”

6. The County Line, Austin, TX
fungirl says: “Warning: The food here will spoil you for ‘normal’ barbecue. This is traditional Texas barbecue at its very best. The brisket is always trimmed completely—no fat or gristle. The sausage is sublime and not greasy. I've been eating barbecue weekly since early childhood, and this is just the best there is.”

7. Arthur Bryant’s, Kansas City, MO
travellingdave says: “The atmosphere is 1970s retro, totally out of time and space with the present. It's a dark, somber, cafeteria-like atmosphere, but the food makes it all worthwhile. In fact, I think the atmosphere enhances the food!”

8. Bennett’s BBQ, Gatlinburg, TN
’Stelle says: “Bennett's was the best barbeque I have ever eaten. They have a wide range of foods available, not just barbeque. Also serving breakfast on the weekends, this is a restaurant not to pass up while in Gatlinburg!”

9. The Back Room, Columbia Falls, MT
hopkinscanada says: “The best BBQ ribs and chicken in Montana. This place is truly a ‘joint.’ Great local atmosphere, great service, fantastic food. A definite must-try.”

10. LJ’s BBQ, Providence, RI
ChelCesa says: “Get ready for tastebud heaven. While I often enjoy a BBQ pulled-pork sandwich for dinner, brunch at LJ's is definitely my favorite meal. Selections include a range of eggs Benedict, my favorite of which includes poached eggs piled on grilled cornbread surrounded by pulled pork and smothered in chipotle sauce. Of course, pancakes and scrambled eggs are also available, but with options such as The Power Tool and Chili Omelet, who would want to be regular?”

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