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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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IgoUgo Is Ready for Summer

IgoUgo Is Ready for Summer Photo

Photo by IgoUgo Staff

Posted on June 11, 2008 in IgoUgo Updates

We’re never happy to settle down in one place, or to settle. It’s been a few weeks since our last site update, so we wanted to fill you in on what’s new. If you’re searching through businesses—hotels, restaurants, activities, etc.—and find yourself looking at a cool new map, you’re not lost! IgoUgo now has expandable Google maps to help you pinpoint just where you’re going.

Speaking of finding things, the quest for those elusive individual reviews is over. You can now see a list of all reviews written by a member from his or her profile page. Looking for something specific? Use our handy review search at the top of the reviews listing to find exactly the one you need. A similar journal listing and search function are forthcoming. Even more importantly, you can now see all your own reviews on a single page—and edit them with a single click directly from that page. You can also stop picking favorites where your photos are concerned—we’re allowing you to attach as many photos as you like when editing any review or creating a new one-off review (with our next update, you’ll be able to do the same when creating a new review within a journal).

Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy, travel safely, and share your experiences at will!

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