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Postcard from Aguas Dulces: Uruguay's Secret Beach

Postcard from Aguas Dulces: Uruguay's Secret Beach Photo

Photo by Montevideana

Posted on May 19, 2008 in Trip Ideas

IgoUgo member and editor Montevideana recently visited an Uruguayan beach town so special she tore out of her rental house in pajamas to catch the sunrise on film. But the real magic began after nightfall, when a full moon and an eclipse dominated the sky. She traded her camera for pen and paper and sent us a postcard capturing the wonder of an Aguas Dulces night. Seaside South American cities like Rio de Janeiro, Mar del Plata, and Montevideo may get all the attention, but the next time we need a real beach retreat, this is where we’ll go.

Here I am, sitting on the deck of this modest house, contemplating the sky. The moon is out in all its glory—there are no clouds surrounding it. Nothing could hide this splendorous moon. In some more minutes, the stars will accompany it. All together, the moon, the stars, the white sand, and the sound of the sea form the perfect scenery. And that’s the way days go by in this peaceful town.

Everything is within two blocks; there are just some places to eat, some stores, some craft shops, and that’s it. That’s all you need to unwind and have a break from routine. We have rented a house for ten days, and after the second day, my batteries are fully charged.

Long walks along the beach, long hours just lying on the beach, long beach-tennis matches…but the best of all are long naps, listening to the waves breaking on the shore, making it a great place to rest, rest, and rest. It’s ideal for couples looking for a romantic, though not luxurious, getaway.

For more on how Montevideana spent her 10 days in Aguas Dulces, see the reviews and photos in her journal Taking a Break from the Hustle of Day-to-Day Life.

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