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The Trips Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

The Trips Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day Photo

Photo by Gwenn1968

Posted on May 8, 2008 in Trip Ideas

Mom didn’t mean it when she told you she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. What she really wants is the gift of time spent with the person she loves most and never sees—you. And what better way to bond (and make up for lost time) than with a day or week away? No matter what your mom’s interests are, an IgoUgo member has an unforgettable trip to give her.

Mom the Sophisticate: New York City
If fast-paced, big-city crowds don’t phase your mom (she did raise that pack of rambunctious children, don’t forget), then there’s no better place to meet her than New York City. Irishdancer and her daughter spent two consecutive mother-daughter getaways in Manhattan and still didn’t see all there is to see in this “walker's paradise and sightseer's dream.” KimberlyAbenante and her young daughter planned an overnight in New York, and after seeing the city through her daughter’s eyes, she says: “Even though I had been to the city numerous times, I fell in love with it all over again.” Floridian lilsmoozer had the same reaction after seeing New York through her mom’s eyes as her mom reminisced about living in the city 20 years ago. Plan your days according to your mom’s must-sees, but save the night for Broadway—and Mamma Mia!, of course.

Mom the Sun-Worshipper: Maui
Maui, chosen for its famous Road to Hana, was the perfect piece of Hawaii for seo4752 and her mom to explore. “My mother and I went somewhere and did something touristy each day, but it was all in a calm, relaxed manner—something that we had never experienced before,” she says. It’s also the vacation that keeps on giving, according to seo4752: “Even though I only spent a week on Maui, I get what I call ‘homesick’ pangs at least once a week. I loved Maui and will always carry it in my heart. I wear at least one of my Maui shirts each week and drink my Kona coffee at least 3 days a week.”

Mom the Backseat Driver: Ireland
Even after 7 days of bus tours around Ireland, ashcreel and her mom were still talking to each other—and having the time of their lives, no less. It must be because they got to “see a lot of the land and not have to worry about driving and getting lost” on their mother-daughter travels. Or it could be because, as ash says, “the beers are some of the best in the world.” HelenG also took her mother to Ireland, reasoning, “She gave me the Irish half of my self, the half that beats out the thrifty Scottish half every time I go shopping.” Her mom was not only up for the adventure, she was prepared for anything: “Mom took tea to Ireland. Lipton's Tea, no less. A whole box. When I asked 'Why did you bring tea to Ireland?' her reply was an honest 'In case they run out.'”

Mom the History Buff: Washington, D.C.
Not only does the US capital boast enough historic sites and activities to keep a family busy for days on end, but there are also tons of great day trips within reach when you need a break from the District. On their annual Mother/Daughter Adventure, shopper and hiker Laphelia and her daughter flew to D.C. for a few days in the city before driving to Massanutten Resort in Shenandoah National Park. Or you could head south in the footsteps of neshie and her daughter, to Williamsburg, VA, where the two women “learned that [they] could still be spontaneous after many years of looking after others.” There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the city streets in Washington, though, especially if, like nycalana and her mom, you run into one of D.C.’s famous festivals. The two had a blast at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the “the crowning point of the trip” for mom. (This year’s festival takes place June 25-29 and July 2-6.)

Mom the Adventurer: Jamaica
Gwenn1968 traveled with her husband and two teenage sons to Jamaica, where the foursome’s spirits flew high—over the Laughlands River Gorge on a canopy tour. “Flying through the air, you can even see the Caribbean Sea,” she says. Between swinging through the vines and an ATV excursion, “if you are looking for those rare smiles from your teenagers, this is it.” And what better way to make mom smile?

Mum the Anglophile: London
“Mom decided she'd like to go to London,” says tvordj, “and wouldn't go without me as her personal tour guide.” Well, of course not: that’s what traveling children are for! Besides, it was tvordj’s tenth trip to one of her favorite cities. Under her direction, the duo explored every inch of London, and some of Brighton too. The UK doesn’t only charm the ladies though; with her Lads in London, mom barbara covered an admirable list of the city’s offerings, from Harrods to the Clink Prison. Read her reviews to see how she evaluates each according to their family-friendliness—and to find out which site made barbara and her husband “laugh like children.” If you’ve been to London 10 times, consider whisking mom just a bit further north, to Scotland. Tavia and her mother spent 4 days in Edinburgh and had a grand time on the Braveheart circuit, despite their different definitions of traveling.

Mom the California Girl: Santa Barbara
No one speaks of Sublime Santa Barbara as lovingly as btwood2, perhaps in part due to the time she’s spent there with her children and her mother. On a return trip to “paradise,” she explains: “Almost a decade ago, while in Santa Barbara with my mother and son, we rented a two-person paddle-surry, on which the three of us had a blast paddling up to the harbor and back.” Back then, her kids also loved the Santa Barbara Zoo, while btwood2 most enjoyed an orchid farm in nearby Carpinteria. If your mom really loves flowers—and organic produce, ecological sustainability, and hugging so-called “karma patrollers”—head upstate to Davis on Mother’s Day weekend for the annual Whole Earth Festival. Just tell your mother what darkwombat says: “If you never left the ’60s, welcome home.”

Mom the Southern Belle: New Orleans
Katie B’s mom is one lucky lady. Her adoring daughter arranged for a surprise Mother’s Day trip to New Orleans—her mom’s favorite city—where they “saw the aquarium, shopped on the waterfront, listened to jazz, watched street performers, strolled down Bourbon Street, and ate and ate and ate.” We hope that included a meal at Mother’s; besides its world-famous ham, gravy, po’ boys, and sandwiches, it only seems à propos.

Mom the Sports Fan: Cape Cod
Sharon1127 vacationed on the Cape with her three kids, then between 4 and 11 years old, and shares the outings that “everyone truly loved.” The group stayed active with a whale-watching trip, a Plymouth Rock visit (though the 4-year-old questioned the wisdom of walking “all the way over here to see a WOCK?!”), and a Cape Cod Baseball League game. “If you're a baseball fan, you should definitely check this out,” she says—and cheer for the Falmouth Commodores.

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