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Artsy Los Angeles: Four Must-See Museums

Artsy Los Angeles: Four Must-See Museums Photo

Photo by LorenGul

Posted on April 21, 2008 in Trip Ideas

Hollywood is synonymous with those infamous 15 minutes of fame. But the best treasures in Los Angeles endure much longer than that: the permanent collections at the city’s renowned art museums. Rethink everything you’ve heard about LaLa Land.

Inspired by the Los Angeles Nomad’s rundown of Famous Paintings in LA’s Permanent Collections, we turned to IgoUgo members who have visited LA’s world-class art museums and found 4 must-see sights.

LACMA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
jkpike: “I went to school at UCLA and studied Art History, and actually worked for over a year at LACMA in the Education Department. This museum is enormous. It features all types of art from all different cultures and all types of art movements in the permanent collections. That includes American Art, Ancient and Islamic Art, Chinese and Korean Art, Costume and Textiles Decorative Art, Japanese Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Photography, Prints and Drawings, South and Southeast Asian Art, and European Painting and Sculpture. Exhibits can feature an artist, a movement, an artistic medium, or even a culture or era. These—in addition to the permanent pieces—are what makes LACMA a must-see on your visit through Los Angeles.”

The J. Paul Getty Center
cr008k: “This is one of the most amazing museums I have ever been to. First of all, it is up in the hills overlooking the city so you get a really amazing view of Los Angeles. The museum itself is beautifully designed—you really feel like it is awe-inspiring when you first see it and you feel like you are stepping inside an architectural masterpiece. Once you come inside, you will not be disappointed in the selection of art that is available. There is a very wide selection of modern arts—you can enjoy Pollacks, Picassos, Warhols, everyone and everything you can imagine. You can also see more traditional art—there are many different wings of the museum and there is something to please every art lover. There are also some fabulous sculptures and other things, so everyone should be able to find something they find beautiful.”

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Alaina698: “The Huntington is more than just an art museum. When you walk in, you can go into a museum that consists of first-edition books and manuscripts from famous authors from all over the world. They have the Gutenberg Bible first printing, Canterbury Tales, some Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, and Henry David Thoreau, among many others! The other half of this building is devoted to antique furniture and spoon and coin collections from different time periods. Outside of this first museum, you can walk through the different gardens. The rest of the area consisted of a rose garden, statue garden, and art museums containing mostly American, British, and French pieces. There is a special children's garden that has many interactive things, such as water bells, a prism tunnel, a fog grotto, and fountains for playing. Bring your walking shoes! There is so much to see and do, you won't even know where to go first!”

MOCA: The Museum of Contemporary Art
chewie: “If you like modern art or are just looking for a nice way to spend the afternoon, the MOCA is worth a trip. When we went, we saw an exhibition by Gabriel Orozco, whose work involved a wide range of art media like photography, industrial elements, sculpture, video, and drawing. The Design Center is a huge industrial warehouse space (1.2 million square feet, to give you a visual) and was perfect for this exhibit on the history of architecture with models and drawings of designs. I only wished that I had more time."

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