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Where to Stay in the World's Most Expensive Cities

Where to Stay in the World's Most Expensive Cities Photo

Photo by MellyG

Posted on April 8, 2008 in Hotels

You could plan a very nice getaway for $537. Or you could get one night in the average Moscow hotel room.

Travel consultant Hogg Robinson Group released its roundup of the world’s 10 most expensive cities for booking a hotel room in 2007, with Moscow, New York, and Paris topping the list. As luck would have it, these three cities are also among the world’s richest destinations for travelers—culturally, that is.

To help you plan a great trip to these 10 cities despite a weak dollar and rising hotel costs, we’ve got a rundown of the hotels IgoUgo members say will give you the best value for your money, whether you want to splurge or save.

1. Moscow

Splurge: Kempinski Baltschug
Lisa Nielsen: “Everything from design to service matched the highest standards of a luxurious 5-star hotel. The view from my hotel room was breathtaking and unique: St. Basil’s cathedral and the Kremlin just across the river. My stay at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow was absolutely worth paying the rate and left me with pleasant memories.”

Save: Best Eastern Izmailovo Gamma
cliffster2000: “The Gamma-Delta Izmailovo Hotel is a rare find in Moscow. Many Moscow hotels start off with a rate of $100 a night. The Gamma-Delta hotel rate starts at $60 and can go as high as $200. Most of the rooms have been renovated with big bathtubs, a platform bed, and Western-style sheets. The hotel complex is a self-contained oasis with several restaurants and many kiosks selling everything from souvenirs to gum.”

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2. New York

Splurge: Tribeca Grand Hotel
NYCtraveler: “The Tribeca Grand is not just a place to stay—it’s an experience unto itself. If I were rich like Paris Hilton, I’d totally live there! You could avoid the outside world for a week and still have a blast! I just can’t say enough positive things about this place! If you have the money, it’s a must when visiting NYC.”

Save: Portland Square Hotel
coastal1973: “This hotel is great. It's not fancy, but it's clean and quiet. It's one block from Times Square and a block from a subway station. It is right in the middle of all the action. We got a room with a private bath and a queen-size bed for $140. You can't beat that anywhere in the city.”

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3. Paris

Splurge: Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel
GreenMermaid: “A unique feature of this hotel (and the reason I chose it) is the basement spa, which includes a pool, steam room, and sauna. We wore the robes and slippers provided in the room, and were able to take the elevator directly down to the basement spa area. The pool, though heated, was still a bit chilly for us Floridians, but the space was gorgeous—balmy air, and relaxing meditative music piped in.”

Save: Hôtel du Commerce
Lousia W. Hansen: “This budget hotel, though minimalistic in facilities, is located right in the heart of the Latin Quarter and has a most charming atmosphere. Its owner and receptionists (on duty around the clock) are warm and friendly, always welcoming you with genuine and cordial greetings.”

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4. Dubai

Splurge: The Fairmont Dubai
Overlander: “I'll state it flat out and upfront: The Fairmont is the best hotel my wife and I have ever been privileged to stay in, bar none. At the end of the day, I guess, I may seem to be pushing The Fairmont, something I don’t often do. It’s just that this hotel is almost a good enough reason to come to Dubai in the first place!”

Save: Queens Hotel
Pleso: “If you are budget-conscious and really want to ‘get amongst it’ in downtown Dubai, then Queens Hotel is a good place to stay. Situated in the Deira district, it is just a couple of minutes’ walk from many of 'old Dubai's' major attractions, including the gold and spice souks. Queens is one of the few moderately priced accommodation options available in this audaciously cashed-up city. Single or twin rooms are offered for around $90 or $150 per night, respectively. Rooms are clean and comfortable, albeit a little small. Each has a private bathroom, air-conditioning, phone, and daily housekeeping service.”

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5. Milan

Splurge: UNA Hotel Cusani
akakd: “The UNA Hotel Cusani is a 4-star property with all the modern conveniences. Yes, even air conditioning! Our room, the Camera del Benessere, even had an exercise bike and a shower with massaging jets. The Hotel Cusani is conveniently located about halfway between the Castello and the Duomo. We would definitely recommend the hotel.”

Save: Hotel ABC
Cocktailprincess: “This hotel was a good deal. It's not flash or posh or any other up-market adjective, but it was clean, safe, and good value! One of the nicest things is the bar/café on the roof terrace, which we adored.”

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6. Stockholm

Splurge: Grand Hôtel
Esigodini: “The Grand Hotel is where Nobel Prize winners stay when they come to Stockholm. It is also where we (Tina; me; and Gioia, our 3-month-old daughter) stayed, having been the lucky winners of a newspaper competition. Burping Gioia while looking out at the Royal Palace and the lights twinkling on the water was as pleasant as it could be. Like Paul Newman and Elke Sommer in The Prize, we’re not sure if the king could see us. Or if he would have minded.”

Save: Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel
Red Mezz: “I had to hesitate a moment in choosing the kind of lodging for this journal entry, and I settled on ‘hostel’ for the fact that we discovered this place on a hostel website and that it was the same price as hostels. But the experience goes far beyond any hostel I've ever stayed in, and if you're not someone who digs on the whole hostel experience, don't pass this up for that reason."

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7. Mumbai

Splurge: Renaissance Mumbai
jasminzbox: “The Renaissance Mumbai is a wonderful, well-thought-out hotel. It has every convenience possible, and the staff is always anticipating your needs. The great service and friendly staff had me referring to the place as ‘home’ in my personal phone calls, much to my family's annoyance! My housekeeper was excellent, leaving fresh flowers in my room frequently and always making sure everything was to my liking. And the wait staff in the 24-hour café was great as well. They always remembered my preferences and would prepare my chai as I walked in the door.”

Save: Shelley’s
Safiri: “Shelley’s was the first we saw of India, and our home for almost two weeks. It was a wonderful (if almost misleadingly comfortable) introduction to India: quiet, cozy, and safe amid the hustle of Mumbai. We had a beautiful sea view ($5 extra per night, bringing the price to $45/day for two people) framed in red velvet curtains. The air conditioner was ferociously strong—which in Mumbai in June, you need—and the service was low-key (which is as we like it).”

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8. Bangalore

Splurge: The Leela Palace Kempinski
Kamla Srinivasan: “The Leela is one of my favorite hotels in India. It epitomizes Southern warmth and hospitality. This hotel is a welcome oasis in this otherwise perpetually traffic-clogged road. At close to $300 per day, you should definitely take advantage of your stay at the Leela. The hotel comes with a beautiful pool, gym, and a shopping galleria.”

Save: Hotel Ivory Towers
JonesyGuide: “The Hotel Ivory Towers is an economy hotel situated in an excellent location. The hotel takes up the twelfth floor of the 13-floor Barton Centre and is very small, only having 18 suites. Because of the size, the staff is very attentive. The staff of this hotel go out of their way to ensure a wonderful visit for their guests.”

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9. Hong Kong

Splurge: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
sdgates24: “I have stayed at some of the best hotels in the world and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong remains at the top of my list. I personally only stay on the Grand Club, which is around $40 more than a standard room, but the benefits and service are among the best in the world. Staying on these floors gets you a very nice room, free breakfast (we are not talking the usual stale role and cereal here), and free cocktails in the evening.”

Save: Kowloon Hotel
titaniumcop: “Ideal choice for budget-conscious business and leisure travelers to Hong Kong. The Kowloon Hotel is located conveniently next to Hong Kong's underground railway system (MTR) and a short walk from the Star Ferry and the China Ferry Terminal. The room was a little small but quite a good size compared to other hotels in Hong Kong. I have no problem recommending this hotel to all.”

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10. London

Splurge: The Metropolitan
AA-Platinum: “Minimalist and clean in design, it has everything that one could want in a high-end hotel. There are heated towel-racks, complimentary shoe-shining, and a full set-up for interconnectivity. There is also a first-class audio system and a large-screen, flat-panel TV. The location is also spot-on. Just steps from the Hyde Park Corner tube stop on the Piccadilly Line and just across the street from Hyde Park itself. Literally next door is the house of the Duke of Wellington. This is an oft-overlooked gem and very much worth a visit.”

Save: Merlyn Court Hotel
Kathy: “We have stayed here the last three times we've visited London; due to the weak dollar, we had to economize, so we had a room with a sink for ₤55 per night. The shower and toilets were right outside, and all three times, we had the facilities to ourselves. They also have rooms with facilities; I have seen three or four of them, and they are nice.”

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