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Food Network's Danny Boome Tastes the World

Food Network's Danny Boome Tastes the World Photo

Photo by IgoUgo Staff

Posted on March 11, 2008 in Trip Ideas

On his show Rescue Chef, brand-new Food Network star Danny Boome swoops into viewers’ kitchens with fixes for culinary confusion. One meal with the British chef wouldn’t be enough for us, though; we’d love to travel with him! Based on his knowledge of international culinary scenes and his willingness to speak up against poor food—even if it means getting kicked out of a restaurant—we’d be guaranteed to have some of the best meals of our lives.

IgoUgo: What's your favorite food city? Is it the same as your more general favorite destination?
Danny Boome: My favorite food city is definitely very different from my general favorite destination, Switzerland. I love the skiing, fondue, wines, and socialization there.

My favorite food cities are Barcelona and Amsterdam, as both are amazing for food. Barcelona is the coolest city in the world, with amazing regional cuisine and great atmosphere. Amsterdam is so eclectic, and the chefs are diverse in their thinking and ingredients. Supper Club is one of my favorite restaurants there.

IgoUgo: How big a role does food play when you're traveling for leisure? Would you pick a destination based on the eating opportunities?
Danny Boome: I usually pick a destination for the overall atmosphere. Food offers a different journey each time, which is absolutely incredible. It’s great to step outside the tourist locations and spend time in the markets chatting with people who can tell you about the little-known favorites. It’s so important to live and eat like a local when traveling. I like to submerge myself as a local rather than a tourist.

IgoUgo: If you could visit one destination with unlimited resources (whether it's money, transportation, or connections) for eating, where would you go?
Danny Boome: Definitely Mongolia, because it’s so outside the comfort zone but would really be an amazing inspiration for cuisine.

IgoUgo: What food product would you cross an ocean to buy right now, if you could?
Danny Boome: Either sticky toffee pudding or birds custard, for sure.

IgoUgo: What do you consider your signature dish and why?
Danny Boome: Roasted Basque Lamb—it’s like a little Spanish lady dancing flamenco on your tongue. The red wine, balsamic vinegar, and brown sugar reduction are heavenly (and coupled with a delicious Dijon mashed potato, perfection).

IgoUgo: What's the worst meal you've ever had on a trip?
Danny Boome: Once in Bulgaria, I ate a brandy and chocolate crêpe that had wire mesh from the frying pan inside. It was absolutely horrifying.

Another time, I was in Paris at a restaurant called Château 32. I ate a monkfish carpaccio that had no flavor and no taste; it was like eating a glass of water. Then, I got kicked out of the restaurant for challenging the chef on the dish.

IgoUgo: What surprised you—or bugged you—most about cooking on television when you taped your first show?
Danny Boome: It’s interesting to see how viewers pick up on everything and like to challenge you. It’s tough!

Also, you lose a sense of freedom with cooking on TV because of the importance of exactness with measurements and such. Oftentimes, one of the beauties of cooking is being able to put a little of this and a little of that.

IgoUgo: What food do you crave regularly?
Danny Boome: English chocolate—never had better chocolate anywhere in the world.

IgoUgo: Do you ever eat fast food?
Danny Boome: I don’t support major-chain fast food, but I do enjoy falafel, pizza, and hamburgers (especially when I am super busy).

If you haven’t seen Danny in action yet, no worries: Rescue Chef just premiered Saturday, March 1. Tune into the Food Network Saturdays at 12pm ET to catch up!

Photo courtesy of Food Network

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