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IgoUgo's New Hot Destinations

Posted on January 11, 2008 in IgoUgo Updates

We try not to play favorites, but there are some destinations to which we just can’t help but give a little preferential treatment. That’s why IgoUgo introduced Hot Destinations: places that are considered “hot” because of recent news, a growing tourist industry, great eco-trip opportunities, or a host of other reasons. We also choose our Hot Destinations in part because they are great places that deserve more and better coverage from our stellar contributors. To entice you to head to these Hot Destinations—and to share your stories with IgoUgo—we offer a little bonus: double GO Points for reviews and photos from these spots. So, without further ado, here’s a glimpse of our updated Hot Destinations roster.

North America

Denver, CO
Though it’s certainly not off the beaten path, Denver’s scenic location and high mountain air make it an outdoors city worth braving the elements to visit. With a top-notch museum, great sports teams, and plenty of breweries, it sounds like the best of all worlds!

Mont Tremblant, QC
Aside from its status as a top-tier ski destination, Mont Tremblant already boasts a booming shopping scene and, beginning in summer 2008, will offer a new gondola that will link its two villages and make it easier than ever to get around. And so you don’t miss anything in transit, the gondola will afford panoramic views of its hallmark scenery.


If all that talk of the mountains leaves you cold, head south to warm up in Grenada. Renowned for its world-class diving, the Spice Island names English as its official language, so apprehensive travelers need not worry about getting lost. An on-island medical school has the island buzzing with residents from all over the world. And the government’s recent declaration allowing gay cruises to dock means businesses are thriving more than ever before.

Not far from Grenada sits the Nature Island, a lightly touristed haven of verdant hillsides, rivers, and magical waterfalls. Culture buffs will be enthralled by Dominica’s thriving Carib population.

Central America

San Salvador, El Salvador
With only six journals to our name from this destination, IgoUgo is looking for some intrepid individuals to help bolster El Salvador’s slow-growing tourism industry, not to mention our minimalist library of reviews and photos! Tropical and friendly, El Salvador should be a hot destination—and an off-the-beaten-path traveler’s choice alternative to its popular neighbors—no matter when you go.

Managua, Nicaragua
Another destination lacking in journals but thriving with activities is Managua. This capital city of Nicaragua is a hotbed of culture and arts, with museums, cathedrals, and monuments to supplement the country’s lush landscapes.

South America

Paramaribo, Suriname
Deserving more than its status as one of our five-journal wonders, Suriname is another country looking to tourism to help boost its economy. With a UNESCO-recognized rainforest that has remained unspoiled and the opening of the first international hotel in the country, we know there are plenty of travel-lovers out there just itching to write some journals.

Mendoza, Argentina
We’ve got a wealth of Argentina journals and photos, but we don’t think we could ever get enough Mendoza wine. Here’s a toast to this new Hot Destination, set amongst the picturesque peaks of the Andes.


Valletta, Malta
Malta’s capital is a thriving harbor town, living museum, and temperate wonderland. Nestled in the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean, this Hot Destination has just adopted the Euro as its currency and is bound to start drawing more attention from all over the world.

Avebury, England
At approximately 5,000 years old, this ancient Neolithic site is older than its more famous neighbor, Stonehenge, and is also far more expansive and less frequented. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this staggering locale is a must for those who really love history. And we mean history.


This Indian Ocean island nation flanking Africa’s southeastern coast offers countless eco-trips and service opportunities for the concerned traveler. Those on the lookout for unique wildlife won’t find a better spot: more than 80% of Madagascar’s plant and animal species are endemic to the island.

Accra, Ghana
Ghana’s allure is undeniable, with friendly, English-speaking locals, beautiful West African beaches, and a famed nightlife. Despite its rich history—and beloved football team—Accra is represented by a mere 11 journals. We’d love to hear from more Ghana trekkers, whether you’re sun-worshippers or night-owls.


Bohol, Philippines
This ecological wonderland was named as one of the “Top Ten Places You’ve Never Heard of” by, well, us! With all its natural beauty, this is a spot that won’t be unheard of for long.

Virtually synonymous with the outer reaches of the globe, Mongolia has seen 11 journals since the start of 2006 and is becoming a destination for hardcore hikers and yurt aficionados alike. Though the terrain and climate can be hostile, it’s an undeniable draw for seasoned travelers.

Middle East

A destination with a bad rap, Yemen is often perceived as a place where Westerners are kidnapped and ransomed by criminals armed with AK-47s. But with new laws forbidding guns in public, Yemen is safer than ever—and its millennia-old towns and stark landscapes will undoubtedly begin to emerge as tourist lures.

Dubai, U.A.E.
A bizarre mix of Vegas hotel, Caribbean resort, and Miami bar, Dubai would seem to clash with the typically reserved Muslim sensibility of the region. However, nothing can stop the world’s fastest-growing city in its veritable sky-rocket of building and business.

South Pacific

The island nation of Vanuatu is a small paradise in the vast South Pacific. Great diving, clear waters, and a laid-back vibe make this a place we can’t overlook, despite its under-the-radar spot on the tourist map.

Fremantle, Western Australia
A small port city near Perth, Fremantle has a rich maritime history and features some beautiful examples of Victorian architecture from the city’s early days. We hope the allure of Western Australia brings visitors to this lesser-known town—and brings our content total up.


Split it up however you like: Antarctica belongs to no one. Accessible only across one of the roughest patches of ocean in the world, this true land-down-under is an inhospitable place. Never to be deterred, a few IgoUgo members have made the journey, and no matter how cold it gets, it’s still a Hot Destination.

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