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Where to in '08?

Where to in '08? Photo

Photo by phillymare

Posted on January 4, 2008 in Trip Ideas

As you return from your holiday travels, recuperating from the stress related to in-laws, delays, and weight gain, we hope that you’re looking forward to the new year. Now is the time when intrepid resolution-makers decide where and when they’ll travel in the coming months. We went on the IgoUgo Message Boards and asked members, "With 2007 drawing to an end, what travel plans are you making for 2008?" The answers varied greatly, with some people planning a few weekend trips and others moving across the country, and even the world.

It’s no exaggeration: stomps is leaving her hometown of Houston for a new job in Perth. Somewhere along the way, she hopes to stop over in New Zealand, but if not, she’ll still be able to "go diving with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef." Sounds like a good relocation; we look forward to seeing the photos! And stomps is not alone, either: creekland aims to wait until next winter arrives in Pennsylvania, at which point she and her husband will take off for the South Pacific, with their sights set on New Zealand as well.

Another IgoUgo member moving shop is Wildcat Dianne, who is leaving Idaho and "driving cross-country once again" to the Sunshine State—specifically, Pensacola. Once there, she hopes to make the most of her new locale by "seeing the Red Sox play in Tampa Bay in 2008," which she presumes will provide "plenty of adventures for a lot of journals!" Fellow baseball fan and North Carolina denizen vampirefan is thinking about "catching a Durham Bulls game in Durham" (surprise, surprise) and taking advantage of "fall in the NC wine country"—and she has already planned Thanksgiving ’08 in Savannah, GA. For those of us unsure of what we’re wearing tomorrow, that’s thinking ahead!

Just outside Washington, D.C., Idler has her own destination in mind: "All over the place." Whether she’s trying to figure out the details of four weeks in and around the Adriatic or traveling the US, she is ready to go. A music lover, Idler may follow the dulcet tones to San Antonio for the International Accordion Festival , or she may head a bit further out to San Diego for "a couple of appealing-sounding traditional jazz festivals." Whatever she hears, we’re going to want to hear about it. This experienced traveler even offers her own advice about what to do when trip opportunities pop up: "The trick, as always," she claims, "is to be ready to jump on them when they do." We couldn’t agree more.

Overseas, UK Flower Girl and her husband are hoping their new daughter catches the travel bug as they make some “small trips to the continent” in the likes of Portugal, Greece, France, Romania, and Switzerland. However, with all the air miles they’ve been racking up, she’s kept her eyes on a familiar prize: New Zealand. Fellow European Union member, Belgian-born baroudeur2004 is heading to England in February for work, “maybe to Burkina Faso in March,” and still has aspirations for Peru, Bolivia, Malta, Portugal, and Greece, despite moving into a new abode in April. Hats off to him if he can find the time. Ever impulsive, he signs off by saying that he may just “book a flight to Timbuktu…” We hope so—just come back safely!

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