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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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Where to Savor the Post-Holiday Slump

Where to Savor the Post-Holiday Slump Photo

Photo by sfjess

Posted on January 2, 2008 in Trip Ideas

Return to your pre-holiday stress level in record time with these traveler-recommended getaways. Whether you prefer to linger in wintry cheer or to skip to the next season, IgoUgo travelers have you covered—be it with snow or with sand.

Who: Carmen
Where: Maui
When: January 13, 2007
Why: “While January is one of Hawaii's rainiest months, we had the nicest weather. It was the perfect time to whale watch, as the humpback whales migrate here from December to March. Our concierge booked us on the Gemini Whale Watching/Snorkeling Boat. We saw a momma whale with her frolicking baby, spinner dolphins, Hawaiian sea turtles, and that fish that's spelled with 30-some letters, the humuhu...whatever.”

Who: Lovestogo
Where: Pigeon Forge
When: December 28, 2004
Why: “Winterfest in Pigeon Forge is a magical and festive time. When you see the millions of brightly colored lights, your heart almost skips a beat. The town is lit up from November to February, and the towns of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg both have guided trolley tours of the light display.”

Who: zabelle
Where: Savannah
When: January 5, 2005
Why: “Savannah now ranks as one of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited. I had no idea what an important role it has played in the history of our country. The most decisive British victory in the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Savannah. And as a former Girl Scout, I was aware that this was where Juliette Gordon Low had founded the Girl Scouts, but I didn’t know how Savannah had embraced her.”

Who: callen60
Where: Chicago
When: January 13, 2007
Why: “We hid from winter's wrath in Chicago, of all places, enjoying theatre, museums, deep-dish pizza, and big-city ambience. Michigan Avenue and its side streets were still lit by Christmas lights wrapped around tree trunks and branches, illuminating ice statues and Christmas decorations. Water Tower Place seemed especially festive, as if no one had yet bothered to remove a single strand of tinsel. I overheard a security guard say something about ‘filming starting Wednesday’ to another puzzled visitor, and finally noticed the signs: starting the next week, a holiday-themed film featuring Vince Vaughn would be filmed there. The Christmas ambience was pretty nice; whether the upcoming movie shoot explained the decorations up and down Michigan Avenue, we never found out.”

Who: creekland
Where: Florida
When: January 21, 2007
Why: “Need an escape from winter without the high cost of typical travel bills? So did we...and what a gem we found in Florida's State Park system. Their motto? The REAL Florida! This was a 3-week trip for us—meant to be REALLY inexpensive—and allow us some ‘down’ time in the sun. We never got tired of gazing at the beauty of the flowers, palm trees, sand, and water while enjoying wearing our short sleeves.”

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