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Top 10 New Year's Eve Alternatives

Top 10 New Year's Eve Alternatives Photo

Photo by quinius

Posted on December 20, 2007 in Trip Ideas

We adore New York, Paris, and Rio, but for a truly New Year, why not skip the clichés and ring in 2008 in a less predictable city? Here, IgoUgo travelers pick the best of the rest, including a few surprises.

1. Instead of Rio de Janeiro, try Valparaiso
quinius says: “Second only to Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Chile, attracts tons of spectators every year as everyone crowds the city to watch the fireworks display. This is the place to be for any traveler to bring in the New Year, because they have something for everyone, from the laid-back tourists to the partygoers and everyone in between.”

2. Instead of Paris, try Vienna
Mandan Lynn says: “What better place to ring in the New Year than Vienna? This grand city played host to our celebration, and we couldn't have been happier. The streets were bustling with revelers as early as 6pm—the spiced wine was flowing and people of all ages were dancing to live music.”

3. Instead of Sydney, try Cape Town
MiriamMannak says: “There is no doubt: One of the best days in Cape Town is the 2nd of January. On this day—the Tweede Nuwe Jaar, or Second New Year—the entire city is the stage of the biggest party of the year: the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, or Kaapse Klopse.”

4. Instead of New York, try Boston
IsabelleTravels says: “Going to Boston for New Year’s is your opportunity to see the city on the cheap, since it’s just too cold to be a popular nationwide destination for New Year’s. First Night seems to mostly attract the local crowd, and I thought that was perfect.”

5. Instead of Florida, try the Bahamas
azsunluvr says: “Junkanoo is a major parade held twice a year, including at New Year's. It's THE thing to do if you can handle being up all night. We could see fireworks in various areas, even during the rain, on New Year's Eve.”

6. Instead of Toronto, try Ottawa
cr008k says: “There are tons of fantastic restaurants and bars and clubs. There were a lot of different New Year’s parties with different activities, themes, and kinds of music, so this is a really great place to go for this type of activity. Just be sure you look into this in advance so you can find the right place for you.”

7. Instead of Tokyo, try Singapore
Overlander says: “New Year's Eve is a major excuse for partying. Street celebrations take place at various venues around town; we went to Suntec Plaza, which is a huge square surrounded on three sides by skyscrapers with a gigantic fountain in the center. A soundstage was set up, a Malaysian rock band provided the entertainment, and 80,000-odd people crammed into the space with noisemakers and 'string,' producing as much noise as is humanly possible.”

8. Instead of London, try Bournemouth
KarenAndKevin say: “In the winter, the English seaside is prone to closing down, but Bournemouth and its environs still have plenty to offer. Bournemouth Centre hosts the winter gardens and is home to many splendid restaurants, along with the usual shops, pubs, and clubs. There are also theatres and an ice skating rink. On New Year's Eve itself, the fireworks from the end of the pier are a must.”

9. Instead of Auckland, try Queenstown
c00kie says: “Being outside during the best part of a Queenstown summer, with such a great turnout, was really enjoyable. I’ve been to Times Square and other large cities for New Year’s, but this one had just the right-sized crowd. If you enjoy being outside and getting to walk around and dance for New Year’s Eve, this is the place!”

10. Instead of Edinburgh, try Dublin
cls223 says: “When I heard about the tradition of ringing the Christ Church bells on New Year’s Eve, I decided this would be a special way to celebrate. Long before midnight, Dubliners gather around the church, joining old friends and meeting new ones, to wait for the bells. Even the police join in the festive spirit, as many ladies walked up and hugged and kissed the handsome young officers, who didn’t seem to mind a bit. The festivities continued for a bit after midnight, and a few brave souls (like me) went in search of an open pub for one more drink.”

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