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Photo by jaybroek

Posted on March 2, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Every once in awhile, we come to a sad realization: a cherished member has disappeared into the Web—or just gotten sidetracked on their world travels. Lucky for us, riling up a crowd to call for encores is usually enough to bring them back.

Foodie extraordinaire Andariega took an extended leave after a three-parter on Guatemala in 2005. But more than a year and a half later, she’s returned full-speed ahead, with five new Mexico journals in one week. Her four-year-old “The Gringa Who Ate…” has returned as well, thanks to her penchant for roaming Central America’s culinary landscape.

Angeleno pabrams52 and thestickman23 took their second IgoUgo hiatuses in 2006 and 2005, respectively, only to resurface in February 2007. Not one to make a quiet entrance, pabrams52 came back with a bang, contributing her first Top-Rated journal, while thestickman23 kept his own Top-Rated trend rolling.

On the other side of the pond is three-time U GO! Awards winner JayBroek, whose recent disappearance pushed the 3-month mark. Yet, back he came, armed with his well-loved “experiential” voice in part deux of his Languedoc Roussillon ponderings.

Now all we want to know is, where’d our beloved SFPhotocraft and Owen Lipsett steal off to?

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