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Ladies' Choices for Best Girl Getaways

Ladies' Choices for Best Girl Getaways Photo

Photo by Mandan Lynn

Posted on November 13, 2007 in Trip Ideas

It’s Sadie Hawkins Day, and since we’re a bit too mature to partake in the girls-ask-boys school dances the holiday brings, we’ve compiled some different girl-approved fun: our IgoUgo ladies’ picks for the best girlfriend getaways.

1. Single (for Now): Miami
Bienvenido a Miami, girls: as britgirl7 quickly discovered, this city is your flashy, sandy oyster. She hit up South Beach with nine girls for a bachelorette weekend, and, frankly, “this trip was all about the party, so culture was ignored.” That’s not to say there’s not plenty of international culture to be found. But britgirl7 had been here many times before, and the gaggle of girls was just the passport the England native needed to get into all the right bars and hotels; sorry, boys! Take a cue from this hen party and recover from your nights out with authentic Cuban cuisine and sunbathing on the beach.

2. Midwest Shopping Mecca: Bloomington, MN
Visiting the Mall of America was a family affair for kcpsec, her mother, her sister, and her daughter. The foursome shopped (and shopped some more), but they also found deals outside of the stores. They bought aquarium tickets after 7pm on Friday, ensuring entrance rights for both Friday and Saturday at a low price, and got more than their money’s worth on the mall’s rides with an online-coupon discount. Brilliant—all the more dollars with which to shop.

3. Culture Cornucopia: New York City
On her girls’ weekend in Manhattan, globewriter found a little something extra most women would appreciate: Harry Connick, Jr. She took in his show at Radio City Music Hall, and, like any good girlfriend, found some great restaurants with portions “perfect to split.” One thing she won’t be sharing with her friends is a delicious cocktail she discovered; as she puts it, a “$9 chocolate-milk martini!? Good luck beating me there.”

4. Bonding with La Famiglia: Rome
When in Rome, travellinrabbit’s mum is a darn good sport: her daughter reports that a trip highlight was “watching my mum get vertigo at the top of the dome in St. Paul’s.” The elder rabbit must have been in a good mood to brave the heights, and we think we know why; the ladies also shopped for shoes while stopping every half-hour for cakes.

5. History and Her Stories: Washington, D.C.
Both zabelle and Taylor Shelby organized girls’ trips around the boys—of the Founding Father variety. Our nation’s mothers were not neglected on zabelle’s trip, though; she paid a visit to both the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the DAR Museum. Taylor Shelby adds her picks for can’t-miss historic spots and some fun newer stops that must have precipitated her journal’s title, Four Exhausted Girls Spend a Weekend in D.C.

6. Easy East: Prague
Girls’ trips are old hat for morph!, and one of her favorite cities to visit with friends is Prague, which she says is perfect for a girls’ weekend away “with its quaint sights and super shopping.” She easily sells us on the shopping with her review of a store called Fun Explosive. She likewise sells us on the beauty of the Charles Bridge (as if we needed a nudge): “magical, bustling, busy…amazing.”

7. The Girls Outdoors: Canyon Lake, TX
Pat110 reminds us why we love alliteration with her journal Texas Tootsies, Girls’ Trip to the Lone Star State. Her idea of an annual girls’ trip sounds even better: “every November, the girls seek out a warm place to escape the winter cold and rejuvenate.” Their Central Texas installment turned out to be “a wonderful surprise” involving horseback riding, tubing, a Western White House, and an ompah-filled Wurstfest.

8. Exotic India: Jodhpur
This adventure began with an overnight train from Delhi and continued on in admirable adventure-girl style as phileasfogg and friends Booga, Gops, Sim, and Freebie (perhaps our favorite travel companions to ever make an IgoUgo appearance) explored “the stuff of India tourism brochures: golden desert, towering fort, local men with scarlet turbans and fearsome moustaches.” The intrepid travelers admit to experiencing those fleeting, trying moments of every girls’ weekend—being hungry enough to eat a horse, hot, pooped, and irritable—but all was well with sites, sweets, and souvenirs.

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